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How to select correct size

Best way to find out correct shoe size is to look at size labels of your sport shoes where you can find EU sizes, UK sizes, US mens sizes and US womens sizes.

Sport shoes size label information is the most reliable and correct shoe size reference source which can help you to select your correct size. 

Simply look at size labels of your sport shoes like Nike, Adidas, Puma, or any other brand and select the same.


UK US m US w       EU      
UK3 US4M US5W EU36   
UK5 US6M US7W EU38   
UK6 US7M US8W EU39   
UK7 US8M US9W EU40   
UK8 US9M US10W EU41   
UK9 US10M US11W EU42   
UK10 US11M US12W EU43     
UK11 US12M US13W EU44    
UK12 US13M US14W EU45     
UK13 US14M US15W EU46    
UK14 US15M US16W EU47     
UK15 US16M US17W   EU48